Uptown. Dallas, Texas 75204

Welcome to the Dallas Uptown Guide.

There are other good guides to the entire Dallas metroplex like Citysearch and GuideLive.com, but they cover such a big area that it’s hard to find out about businesses and cool places to go in Uptown.

But don’t sweat it, because the Dallas Uptown Guide only writes about Uptown!

We went to the trouble to personally visit, review and photograph all of these Uptown places just for you. Then, we added a link to Yahoo Maps, phone numbers and addresses so that you can easily find any of the places we have written about.

Even better, we linked directly to the web site of the business, if we could find one, and also included links to any reviews we could find on other Dallas related web sites. That means you can get all of your Uptown Dallas business, restaurant and bar reviews at a single stop. (You won’t see  Citysearch linking to competing review sites!)

Click through our categories and browse. Have fun!

It took a lot of time and effort, and we did it as a volunteer effort, so we hope that you enjoy it. If there is anything missing, or anything else you’d like to see added, drop us a comment under any of the reviews and tell us about it.