Uptown @ Incarnation

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Address: 3966 McKinney Avenue, Dallas, TX 75204
Phone: 214.521.5101
Web site: http://www.uptown-church.org
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Uptown @ Incarnation, established in 2004, is an off-shoot of Episcopal Church of the Incarnation and the Episcopal Diocese of Dallas. Services are held at 11:15 am on Sundays.

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    This is a stupid service! If you would even call it a service. Jesus was not in a rock band! Church is suppost to be a place where you can go and sing HYMNS! Not stupid rock songs that stupid Justin wrote, that aren’t even in the hymnal! And church is suppost to be in a church! Not somewhere where we used to have our coffee hour? There aren’t even bibles or hymnals! It’s on a freaking screen for Gods sake! There aren’t even pees for us to kneel on! You think Jesus would of wanted this “modern way”? Because he wouldn’t, I don’t even know why you even call it a church service.. I’m only in high school, and I still think it’s stupid. So if you’re trying to do something that you think the kids will enjoy? It’s not working.

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